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Do I need to create a Google my Business profile for my business?


Creating a Google My Business profile and regularly posting on Google my Business (GMB) is one of the best things that you can do to promote your business online. Not only is a Google my Business listing free to create, but posting on Google my Business helps to engage potential customers and invite responses. Both of which are strong ranking factors on the search engine.

 A Google my Business post also directs potential customers to other areas of your GMB profile or website, the traffic from which will further boost your business’ SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


So, if you want to improve your SEO score and improve your business’ ranking factors online, posting on Google my Business is essential. Having good ranking factors on the search engine comes from cooperating with Google, which can happen through your business’ GMB profile.

 Google’s focus is on providing people with the most relevant results for their Google search. Your website may just be the most relevant result for someone’s Google search, and posting on Google my Business will help to ensure that your Google my Business listing features at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

How to make the most out of your Google my Business profile


Connecting your Google my Business profile to other platforms that you use will improve the ranking factors of your GMB listing. For example, your Google my Business listing can be connected to your website, as well as your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profile. By connecting your Google my Business profile to these different outlets, your business’ credibility and therefore ranking factors for a Google search will be improved.

Not only this, but if it is easier for people to access your social media pages through your Google my Business listing, your social media following across the various platforms may increase. This will also be extremely beneficial for the advertising of your business’ products and services in the future.


Why should I be posting on Google my Business?


You can use Google my Business posts to your business’ advantage, to direct traffic to your website and its landing pages, and to increase your engagement with potential customers. Currently, very few businesses are posting on Google my Business on a regular basis. By taking advantage of the opportunities that having a GMB profile presents, you have a great opportunity to improve your website’s ranking factors and move up the local pack simply by creating Google my Business posts on a regular basis.

Additionally, it has been found that potential customers click on GMB posts, and the relevant call to action buttons (CTA buttons) included in these posts most of the time. Taking the time to create relevant posts and showcasing your products and services will, therefore, almost undoubtedly boost traffic and bring more potential customers to your website after a simple Google search.

In other words, due to the small number of businesses currently posting on Google my Business regularly, by creating GMB posts, you could potentially outperform your local competitors and business owners and appear at the top of local search results.


How do Google my Business posts work?


Creating Google my Business posts gives you the opportunity to appeal to potential customers via your GMB profile and GMB listing. Things that you could post to your business’ GMB profile include special offers, information about new products and services, event posts, a blog post, or information about how potential customers could reach out to you, including your business’ contact details.

Any posts that you create will feature on your Google my Business listing when people look at local search results on their search engine. Your posts will appear in chronological order at the bottom of your GMB listing, which potential customers can then scroll through.


What should I post to my Google my Business profile?


One of the most useful types of posts you could use to improve the volume of sales of your products and services could be a post showcasing your products and services and any special offers that you have currently available.

There are a number of things that you could do to improve this type of post. Firstly, you could create a post showcasing an offer that is currently available for your products and services in exchange for an email address or phone number. This will not only result in more potential customers visiting your site, but it will also expand your contacts or mailing list for marketing opportunities in the future.

You can also improve the reach of your Google my Business posts by posting on a regular basis. This will move your GMB listing up the local pack and help you to reach more potential customers. If you have a lot of offers available, save yourself a lot of valuable time by creating a template for this type of post.

Another type of GMB post that will help to improve SEO is a post updating your potential customers. This is particularly important for local businesses. Updates that you post about could include new products and services that are available, a change of your business’ opening hours, or a change of your business’ contact details.

When posting an update about your business, it is important to include your business’ location. With many people now using Google search and Google maps to find local businesses, this will certainly help to rank you higher in local search results.

Event posts are another good type of GMB post to make. Not only are these types of posts a great way to inform potential customers about any upcoming events, but it is also a great way to collect contact information from potential customers for future marketing.

Allowing people to leave customer reviews on your Google my Business listing will also improve your SEO. Responding to customer reviews will also help with this. Not only are customer reviews valuable in enabling potential customers to learn about your business, but they are also valuable in helping Google to rank your website higher on their search engine. Customer reviews are a particularly important tool for local businesses.

Local search results on Google are based on the relevance, prominence, and distance of the business from the searcher’s current location. Following a local search, Google’s algorithm may decide that your business is the most appropriate result to show for that person’s search. Having more reviews on your Google my business page will improve your business’s prominence in the local area and will therefore improve your business’ local ranking on search engine results pages.

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How can Bark Street Digital assist?


Bark Street Digital are a firm of experienced IT and digital marketing experts. Our current clients benefit from increased profitability due to their improved visibility on GMB posts, achieved through use of our SEO specialists. We have assisted in the improvement of online visibility for our clients by providing services such as SEO audits and social media management.

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