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Organic growth in marketing simply refers to any traffic that comes to your website and online platforms ‘naturally’ and ‘organically’. This would mean consumers have come across your products and services without you needing to pay for specific targeted adverts.

The two main types of growth in marketing fall under organic and inorganic growth, the latter which generally refers to growth via paid marketing efforts to encourage sales, increasing your market share. Whereas organic marketing is a much more affordable option that all businesses can undertake to encourage long term results for their business.

There are a wide range of digital marketing strategies available, and it can be a process of figuring out what works best for your business over time. This is especially true for all organic marketing strategies as they do not produce results over night, they require time to take full effect and impact business growth.

At Bark Street Digital we are experts on all digital marketing techniques, with a particular interest in organic marketing strategies. This enables us to assist our clients in securing a successful and long term marketing campaign to continue their sales growth over the years. We have created bespoke digital marketing campaigns for our clients across a range of industries, meaning we know what tools work best to drive traffic to websites. For more information on how we can help your business then please get in touch today.

what is organic growth in marketing

Generating organic marketing growth

Organic marketing centres around generating traffic to your website over time due to strong online content and marketing techniques. Other organic internal growth for businesses could include upselling to existing customers, developing new products/services, increasing output and employing more staff.

The most popular organic marketing techniques revolve around search engine optimisation (SEO), which can successfully drive growth and produce more organic sales for your business if used correctly and used continually over a long period of time. Creating strong quality content with SEO in mind will increase your online presence and both search engines and potential customers will think of you more highly, resulting in more custom.

Organic marketing takes a lot more time to implement than inorganic marketing, but it is worth persevering with as it is a strong asset to have and will keep your business at the forefront of the market.

If you are looking to pursue an organic growth strategy using marketing then SEO is undeniably the strongest tool at your disposal. Creating SEO content on your website using blog posts and information pages, as well as relevant social media posts with popular keywords and phrases will all help towards your ranking on search engines. At BSD, we offer comprehensive SEO audits and content writing to assist our clients with their organic growth.

Any business model can benefit from SEO, as it looks for the most popular keywords and phrases searched for in your industry and will rank websites higher if they utilise content that incorporate the popular search phrases. Other factors such as website speed and website design also have an impact on how high a search engine will rank your page. If you are utilising all of the tools available to you then we can expect your website to show up in a prime position on a results page.

Some of the things to incorporate if you are looking to achieve organic growth in marketing include:

Advantages and disadvantages of organic growth

Advantages to organic growth far outweigh the disadvantages if you are patient enough to wait and see the results organic marketing can bring you. Building a strategy surrounding organic growth can ensure a long term return on your investment and time. Once an organic marketing campaign is in place it should hopefully ensure a steady stream of new enquiries and sales for your business without you having to go out of your way to pay for specific advertising.

Focusing on organic growth also means your online presence in general will perhaps be of a higher standard due to the extra effort put into quality content writing.

The main and perhaps the only disadvantage of organic growth in marketing is the time is takes to set up a successful campaign and ultimately see results from it. Writing quality SEO content all over your website whilst making your web design modern and user friendly will not be an easy or quick task in itself, but it will also take time for rankings to increase on search engines to result in higher growth. This ultimately means that you will not have new organically sourced customers overnight.

Overall, focusing on organic growth through marketing offers businesses a more secure and steady stream of new enquiries and custom, resulting in revenue growth. As such, it is highly recommended to invest resources into implementing an organic marketing campaign if you are looking for ways to achieve high growth in many areas of your business.


How BSD can assist

Organic growth is growth that comes from implementing a strong brand and marketing campaign, meaning there is no need to pay for any adverts to attract new custom to your business. As specialists in digital marketing strategies, our team at BSD are highly experienced in understanding how best to achieve organic growth for businesses utilising organic marketing techniques such as SEO.

Our team possess extensive knowledge surrounding how best to drive organic traffic to your website and can assist in implementing a range of techniques to achieve this, including generating organic social media engagement to boost your reputation.

We are able to offer bespoke marketing packages to meet our clients’ needs, tailoring our services to exceed their expectations while meeting their budgets.

To find out more about any of our services, then please feel free to contact us via the forms on our website or email our Director on stacey@barkstreetdigital.co.uk.


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