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Architects and architecture firms face a lot of competition in their industry. With such an important and highly specialised role in our economy, people actively look for architects that are skilled, trustworthy and reliable.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is vital for architects with a business website due to the highly competitive industry they operate in. Having your website appear in the first few results of an internet search is crucial to ensure a regular stream of enquiries from potential new customers, ultimately staying ahead of the competition.

In today’s society, the first thing people are likely to do when looking for advice or a service is to search the internet. The internet allows anyone, anywhere to find all the relevant information on your business. This will not only be through your main website, but also your social media pages and customer reviews.

If your website and relevant social media channels do not appear easily when doing an internet search for your business activities, then this surely gives your competitors who are more visible, an edge. Ideally, you want your business page to be situated on the first page of a search engine result. Prospective clients very rarely look beyond that first page of information when looking for their desired information or business.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for architecture firms should be a strong focus of any marketing campaign. Organic online traffic makes your website more visible to others and ultimately provides you with a higher chance of more new clients coming to you for your services.

Our team at Bark Street Digital possess significant experience in creating bespoke online marketing campaigns for our clients, and SEO is a key component of our work. Having worked with clients across a range of industries we possess a strong understanding of what people search for when looking for information on architects and architectural firms to help your business increase its brand visibility and reach new potential customers.

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How does SEO work?

If you wish to increase your business’s visibility online and achieve a higher client conversion rate, then a strong SEO strategy is the most likely way to achieve the results you are looking for. SEO works by bringing together several components of your marketing strategy together to boost your online presence. The main goal of SEO is to get your website shown on the first page a search engine search.

SEO for architects works by anaylising the most popular keywords and phrases people search for within your industry when browsing online. There are certain keywords we would expect people to use when searching for an architect for example, and we can utilise this knowledge by incorporating them into your website.

SEO does not solely rely on keywords however. Other aspects such as website speed and quality content make an impact when your website is anaylsyed by the search engine. If you are utilising all of the tools available to you then we can expect your website to show up in a prime position on a results page.

The SEO specialists on our team at Bark Street Digital are experts at creating quality content that encourages people to notice your business online. It is uncommon for people to go beyond the first page of results when doing an online search, which is what makes a good SEO technique so important. It ultimately ensures your website is ranked higher on the first page of results in order to be noticed.

Why is SEO important for architects?

SEO is important for architects and architecture firms due to the well-known habits of what potential clients search for online. If someone is in search of a credible architect then they are unlikely to look in newspapers or phone books, instead the first and primary source of information for people is the internet.

People rarely look beyond the first page of results when searching online, meaning if you are not showing on the first page you may not stand out against your competitors and will therefore lose potential clients and sales.

If your business website is displayed on the first page of results following an internet search then it also increases your brand awareness, meaning more people will become aware of your name and strong reputation, knowing you are a key business in the architectural field.

Holding a high ranking and showing as one of the top results on search terms is more important than it may seem on the surface. A high ranking not only increases visits to your website but it instills a sense of trust in potential clients that you are credible and well-known in the architectural industry.

In an industry such as architecture, reputation and trustworthiness are arguably two of the most important aspects a person will look for when instructing a firm.

Components for a successful SEO campaign

Web design – A well laid out website significantly improves user experience and shows that you take your online presence seriously. Site layout, structure, wording and the use of effective meta descriptions and meta titles all influence how well your web page is to be perceived by the public.

Local SEO – Local search engine optimisation works towards targeting clients in your immediate local area, even if you are a national firm, as many people still search for businesses in their towns and cities. A great use of local SEO is to setup a ‘Google My Business’ account which you can use to upload your phone number and address. This data enables your business to show up on Google map services when people search for architecture firms near them.

Relevant content – Quality content goes a long way, and Google is known to prioritise websites that regularly upload new and relevant content. Updating old pages and adding new pages are a good place to start, always making sure you are keeping your information relevant and informative to what people might be looking for.

Keyword research – Undertaking keyword research in order to create better quality content for your website is important. Researching what people in your practice area are searching for specifically will ensure your website and content pages have a higher chance of being visible on search engine results. The best keywords to include in your content are the less competitive yet highly searched keywords. It is also important to remember that search engines are intelligent and can easily spot ‘keyword stuffing’, in which you over saturate your content with the keywords. Partaking in keyword stuffing can penalise you and means search engines will not rank you as high.

Mobile friendly design – With most people owning a smart phone, potential clients are perhaps more likely to do an internet search on the go via their phone. Ensuring you have a responsive web design, meaning your website can adapt to whatever device is viewing it, is an important factor that Google also takes into account. Ensuring your website also loads and performs quickly, no matter the device it is viewed on, will also be a key aspect of a good SEO campaign.

Link building – Link building is an important tool in off-page SEO. Having links on your and to your website improve your businesses visibility and can effectively place you higher on Google search rankings. Link building can be achieved through social media engagement and guest blogging to name a few.


How Bark Street Digital can assist

At Bark Street Digital we possess experience with a range of marketing tools to help elevate your business and improve its reach. We can use our expertise and marketing tips to get your website and information on your services to reach the right audience, allowing you additional time to work on other areas of your business operations.

Google is always updating and changing how it works, so an SEO professional will best serve you in keeping you on top of the updates. Our team have significant experience in providing SEO for architecture firms and we are confident we will be able to help you in your marketing efforts.

Some of the main services we are able to offer include a full SEO audit, keyword research, SEO content writing, social media management, website design and development and email marketing.

If you are interested in any of the SEO services we have to offer your firm, then please have a browse on our website. We are able to offer bespoke packages to suit the individual needs of each business we work with, so you can be assured we are fully committed to improving your outreach in your specialised industry.

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