Search Engine Marketing Consultant : The Benefits of Outsourcing

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What does a search engine marketing consultant do?


The search engine marketing consultants at Bark Street Digital are experts in developing a strategy to boost your company’s online presence.

Firstly, we utilise technical SEO (search engine optimisation) methods to increase your website’s position in search results. Our SEO consulting work is not a rapid process; however, it creates sustainable results.

We also use paid SEM (search engine marketing) friendly methods to attract organic traffic to your website. This requires slightly more investment as PPC (pay per click) advertising requires an advertiser to pay a fee every time the ad is clicked. Nevertheless, this paid search model allows companies facilitates a return on spend as the site is consequently seen by many more potential customers.

search engine marketing consultant

SEO and PPC are very effective online marketing tools and are complementary to each other. Therefore our search engine marketing consultants like to use them concurrently.


How Do We Do This?

 We have big goals for our clients so it is important to put action plans in place through a marketing strategy.  

Firstly, we complete an SEO audit. This process ensures that we have insight into where your online marketing strategy is working well and where it requires some additional work. 

We fulfil our SEO and SEM aims by conducting keyword research prior to completing our content marketing. This ensures that the content will benefit the website rankings and be relevant to your product or service. 

Also, through link building, we aim to get other websites to link back to our client’s websites. Generally, we do this via content marketing by our search engine marketing consultants. 

Moreover, we boost our client’s online presence by ensuring that their website is efficient and customer friendly. Some clients may require a website to be built whilst others may just require a redesign of certain pages, such as landing pages.


Our Fees


Although digital marketing services may initially seem a nonessential expensive, it is important to consider all of the benefits. 

By employing a search engine marketing consultant to produce SEO friendly content, your webpage will rise higher in search engine rankings. Through this, more organic traffic will be driven to your website. The traffic itself will be well-suited to the product or service as the website will be placed on the relevant search engine results pages. 

Consequently, you will be able to cut advertising costs and save on the money which would have otherwise spent on google ads. 

Ultimately, you will make a return on the money spent on marketing via the increase in online traffic and the resulting sales increase. 

We offer a number of packages, these include:


The SEO Starter Package – this starts at £350/month and includes SEO services, the provision or 6 SEO content templates per month and a monthly performance meeting. 

The Standard SEO Package – this starts at £750/month and includes a website redesign, SEO services, 4 pieces of SEO content per month and a monthly performance meeting. 

The Premium Package – this starts at £1,000 per month and includes a range of services such as, a website redesign, SEO services, 5 pieces of SEO content per month, a monthly performance meeting, 3 social media posts per week and a conversion rate review every 6 months.


Why Choose Bark Street Digital?


Bark Street Digital are a digital marketing agency who specialise in developing your company’s online presence through the provision of a number of different marketing services. 

Whether your company requires web design services or would be aided from the provision of SEO friendly content from our writers, the team can be relied upon.   

Our client testimonials speak for themselves and show how the SEM consultants are adaptable across all types of businesses. If you would like to find out more about a strategy which could work well for your product or service, contact us via our free chat facility.



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