How can Marketing Contribute to the Success of a Business?

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No matter what industry your business operates in and how strong of a business you have, without marketing to attract customers to your products/services you won’t have long-term viability for your business. Marketing ultimately promotes your business, encouraging good relationships with your consumers while attracting a strong stream of new and returning custom.

There are various different types of marketing activity, from promotions and advertising to content marketing. Content marketing focuses on creating high quality content that drives potential customers to your online platforms. Providing regular and relevant content that can inform or solve a problem through the use of your services can result in obtaining a strong repeat customer base which is why it is important to include it in your digital marketing campaign.

A good marketing plan can be applied through general content on your website, to your blog posts, case studies, and information pages, and not to forget how important marketing is within social media posts and your email lists to build your brand and reach your target market.

At Bark Street Digital, our team of marketing experts understand the importance of marketing for business owners and are highly knowledgeable in creating expert marketing campaigns to contribute to the success of your business. We have worked with a range of businesses operating in a variety of sectors, creating bespoke marketing campaigns to further their growth. Our experience means we know what tools work best to achieve the desired outcomes our clients want. For more information on how we can help you then please get in touch today. 

how can marketing contribute to the success of a business

Planning your marketing

The question of how can marketing contribute to the success of a business can come down to a well thought out marketing campaign through market research. Figuring out what works best for your business and what your customers will respond to is key, and marketing professionals such as the team here at BSD can assist you in planning your campaign.

Digital marketing is most likely the way to go for most to achieve business success, as the majority of consumers look online when searching for the service or product they need.

Marketing can help your business in a number of ways, it can build trust with potential clients and consumers if your content is strong, informative and professional, but great content can also make you stand out from your competitors, making more people aware of your products and services.

Compared to traditional marketing techniques, digital content marketing can establish a long-term result on your efforts. Consistency and quality are key for consumers but also for search engines as they will rank your site higher if it recongises a consistent refresh of new content of strong quality – high quality is better than high volume in business marketing.

Deciding what areas you want your business to focus on in your marketing efforts is also an important aspect of coming up with an effective content marketing plan. For example, choosing whether to focus more on building brand awareness or building sales rates, as both these targets can be achieved in slightly different ways with the use of brand ambassadors to engage customers or targeted content to strengthen your search engine optimisation (SEO) for different search terms.

Writing strong content with relevant keywords and search terms is a great way to get your business ranked higher when people are searching for what your business offers and can provide. However, it is always important to remember not to ‘stuff’ too many keywords in your writing as search engines will notice and subsequently penalise your ranking.


Key components of a strong marketing campaign

Website quality – The design of your website, its ease of use and speed all play a role in how well your website is perceived by potential consumers and also by search engines. Outdated and poorly kept websites will not be prioritised on search results, and most people rarely look beyond the first page on a search, so keeping your website fresh and current will work in your favour of being noticed.

Social mediaSocial media is perhaps one of the most common ways people notice a business through shares and discussion of posts. Social media can also direct potential customers to your main website and service offerings, ultimately providing a boost to your SEO for high-quality website visits.

Email marketing – Using your email lists to their full extent by sending out scheduled updates and campaigns to your customer base will further enhance your visibility, hopefully resulting in more sales. Strong content within the email marketing, building your rapport with existing customers who have chosen to be a part of your mailing list, will encourage more websites visits which further promotes your content marketing efforts.

Blog posts – Content within blog posts can be targeted at a number of different things, meaning you can have a wide coverage of SEO through relevant blog posts. Blogs can also give businesses the opportunity to delve into different topics and case studies surrounding their service offering.


How can BSD help

Our team at BSD are experts in a variety of marketing strategies, working with both large and small businesses to attract new custom and strengthen brand recognition. Using our skill and knowledge in a range of digital marketing techniques, we can effectively get your business noticed by new potential clients, resulting in you closing more sales. From our extensive expertise we understand how marketing contributes to the success of a business and use our knowledge to help achieve our clients’ goals.

BSD are able to offer bespoke marketing packages to meet our clients’ needs, tailoring our services to exceed their expectations while meeting their budgets.

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