How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a strong tool in helping your business become more visible via internet searches, however its benefits take time to appear. That is where pay-per-click (PPC) ads, also known as Google Ads, can help advance your business goals. PPC allows your business to reach a wider range of potential customers, boosting conversion rates and showing your business online to the right people at the right time.

PPC may seem overwhelming to new users, due to the specialist terms surrounding it, but in simple terms PPC means you only pay for the ad once a user has clicked on it. Google Ads can be used in a variety of formats to suit your business needs and can be shown directly to people searching for your product or services, as well as to people Google think might appreciate your services from similar, recent searches.


How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are a highly effective in reaching many millions of people from all across the world, attracting more brand awareness and customers for your business.

A Google Ads campaign can benefit your business in many ways and it is arguably one of the most popular advertising networks in the world due to the recognition and reliability that the brand ‘Google’ brings, it is understandable that many people utilise it.

In basic terms, Google Ads use PPC to show ads within search engine results, shopping pages, Google display networks and YouTube. Though SEO gets you stronger organic results over a longer period of time, PPC enables you to be seen on Google much quicker.

Google Ads work on an online auction basis, and you are ultimately bidding for you advertisement to be seen in the number one ad placement position on a Google search. When you have setup your campaign, an advertisement for a specific landing page on your website will be shown and you will be required to pay a certain amount each time someone clicks on your ad.

Though bids are important for your ad to reach your intended target audience, Google’s algorithm also considers other factors when placing ads, such as their relevance and quality.

Placing bids for your ads basically tells Google how much you are willing to spend each time someone clicks on your ads. Google’s algorithm then takes into account your bid amount, the quality of your ad and the keywords, assigning you an overall ranking.

AdRank is the position your ad will be placed on in the results page, and the higher the ranking of your ad, the more prominent your ad will be. Ultimately this will mean more people seeing your advert which means more people clicking it and the more potential new customers you will have.

Formats to choose from

Search Ads – The ads you see at the top and bottom of the Google search page

Shopping Ads – Setting up a Merchant Centre allows you upload a range of information related to the products you’re selling for them to be advertised on the relevant search pages

Video Ads – Most commonly on YouTube where you see ad videos before and during the video you’re watching

Display Ads – Google is able to take information from your recent searches to show ads that may interest you, for example if you have been searching for a particular product, you will find ads dotted around the internet advertising that same product for sale by different companies

Benefits of using Google Ads

Google Ads provide a reliable source of high-quality advertising for businesses looking to expand their brand visibility and customer conversion rate. Getting your ads ranked higher on Google also pushes your brand above your competitors.

PPC also enables you to target customers that are in the market for the product or service you offer. By using keywords related to your field it is much more likely that those same users searching those keywords are your target audience. This ultimately drives customer enquiries to your business and promotes your products and services.

Another great benefit of Google Ads is that its versatile, meaning it can help your business no matter the size of your operations or the industry you work in. As you can set your own budget for PPC, you can adjust your marketing campaign as and when you like. Google Ads also enable you to target users in specific locations or on certain devices, the possibilities are vast.

The main advantage of using a Google Ads marketing strategy is that it offers quick and effective results. Through targeted advertisements and by placing links to your website in a prime position on a search engine, your web pages will be shown to your intended audience. Paid ads are most commonly shown in the top few positions of the search engine results page, meaning potential customers will see them as soon as they search for a specific term related to your business.

How BSD can help

As a specialist digital marketing agency, we understand how Google Ads can help you advance your business goals, and we are able to help our clients utilise a PPC strategy to its full potential.

Our team possess extensive knowledge surrounding Google Ads and work with clients to identify their business goals, discussing what they may be able to achieve with PPC campaigns.

We are able to offer bespoke marketing packages to meet our clients’ needs, tailoring our services to exceed their expectations while meeting their budgets.

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