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Our web designers can build your website in accordance with Search Engine Optimisation techniques, thus improving your online visibility. 

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?  

When a business wants to improve their online and search engine visibility, Search Engine Optimisation techniques should be used. Producing content that incorporates the relevant keywords and phrases, a business can enable their website to be placed in a higher search ranking on a search engine, such as Google search. In turn, this will benefit the sales of their product or service as their business is seen by higher numbers of online traffic.

Most customers focus their research on the first page of the search results. Therefore, a customer is very likely to look into your business if it is one of the first webpages that they see.

Search engines such as Google or Yahoo may organise results pages based on a number of factors, such as website speed and user experience. Nevertheless, website owners can be sure that by optimizing their site and producing SEO optimised content, their webpage visits will increase.

wordpress web design and seo

WordPress web design and SEO: Where do we start with SEO? 


Our SEO specialists like to complete a comprehensive SEO audit prior to working on your webpage.

This technical audit will collect information on your website speed, ranking performance, backlinks, internal links, user experience, mobile optimisation, and content. From this information, our experts can provide tailored advice on how to make it easier for search engines to crawl your website, and improve your web pages to ensure they are ranked highly.

Alongside this, we like to set up Google Webmaster tools and Google analytics as these programmes allow us to monitor your current traffic and then plan the best way to improve this. 

Alternatively, if you do not already have a website, our knowledgeable web designers can construct one for you using a content managing system such as WordPress implementing WordPress web design and SEO best practices.

If you instruct us, we will optimize your WordPress website, write regular SEO optimised content, and monitor your progress, making continuous improvements to your website and content.


WordPress Web Design and SEO: What is WordPress?

WordPress is an excellent platform which facilitates the production of WordPress sites and blogs. It is a trusted content management system and has built an excellent reputation in the web design industry. WordPress sites can be used for a number of different types of business due to the variety of WordPress themes available on the system.


Benefits of WordPress website designers

Building a website can be complex and take time. Therefore, it is a great idea to instruct a website designer. More specifically, a designer whose expertise lie in Search Engine Optimisation. This instruction will save time, alongside allowing more complex functions to be incorporated into the website.

An expert WordPress web design agency will have knowledge regarding WordPress themes, plugins, and tools, as opposed to the basic tools which may be used if you only have a beginner level of understanding.

Alongside building a webpage, a WordPress web designer can construct an xml sitemap. This ‘contents table’ for your website is beneficial for SEO as it indicates to the search engine which information is available on your website and how to access it. An effective xml sitemap will ensure that your webpage is placed on the relevant results page.

When constructing a webpage, an expert WordPress designer would have knowledge regarding the preparation of alt text. This text is the written words that appear when an image does not load properly on a webpage. Including alt text with the images on a webpage is beneficial for a number of reasons, for example, it allows search engines to better analyse your page and rank it accordingly. Alongside this, it is helpful for the audio description tools for customers with visual impairments.

Although an individual may be able to build a basic website themselves, it is worth employing a skilled professional. This is because a business will quickly make the money back that they spent on a web designer, as a result of better online visibility and increased sales.


How can our web designers help? 

Our web development team is well equipped with the skills to build a webpage that increases user experience and browsing experience massively. We are able to effectively combine our SEO knowledge with our web design experience to produce an excellent website that ranks highly on search engine results pages.

We are experienced with the WordPress content management system and offer this hosting platform as a part of some of our packages. Nevertheless, we are very flexible and can transfer our skills to another system if you would prefer.

Our wide portfolio of clients demonstrates our flexibility, as we custom develop sites and designs to suit your product of service.

Ultimately, by instructing us as your website developers, pressure will be alleviated from your workload as you can leave your website and overall online presence in our trusted hands.


Can our WordPress web design and SEO team provide website content?  

Alongside building your website, our team can prepare the content for it. After all, an empty website will serve no purpose and will not rank on search engines.

Our team of writers can be relied upon to complete keyword research and content topic research prior to every piece of content. This sets us apart from other digital marketing experts as through our research we ensure that our content is tailored to suit your brand and customer perfectly.

The final ingredient for a successful webpages, subsequent to the pages’ production, is SEO friendly content. The team at Bark Street Digital can write blog posts, articles, service pages and meta descriptions.

Moreover, having comprehensive SEO content will increase user experience generally as the customer will be able to develop a great knowledge of your product or service, thus building trust in the company.

It is vital to ensure that this content is well written as it can attract organic traffic and reduce the costs of paid advertisements, as the content in itself will increase search engine rankings.


Why choose Bark Street Digital?

 Bark Street Digital are a team of experienced IT and digital marketing experts who can be relied upon to market your business online.

We can advise upon SEO then prepare relevant SEO friendly content for your website. If you do not have a website already, the team can offer their design services and build a website which focuses on excellent user experience and is tailored uniquely to your brand.

If you like to use social media alongside a website to advertise your product or service, we can be instructed to manage your platforms. This reduces your workload as we can be trusted to set up the pages, create frequent posts and manage the online chat.

To chat to an online marketing expert directly, please contact us via telephone or through our free online chat facility.


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