Digital Marketing for Estate Agents

Estate Agents may struggle to gain an established online presence and could fail to generate a high volume of leads if they do not invest in digital marketing. Digital marketing is one way of utilisng a range of tools and techniques to help get your business noticed.

Nowadays, marketing for estate agents has become extremely competitive and it is widely accepted to spend more time on digital marketing strategies. Using a variety of digital platforms to connect with your audience is important because online visibility gives every business an opportunity to reach customers across the world.

For estate agencies, the most desirable target audience, however, is local vendors and landlords. These days, most customers are turning to Google to find an agent, so local SEO is an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. A successful strategy for estate agents should focus on appearing in localised search queries to engage sellers of their services. This will allow people in your local area or people searching for your services to find you quickly.

digital marketing for estate agents

What should estate agents consider?        


Estate agents have had to work harder than ever before to have a strong online presence, and even more so, to make sellers aware of their brand before they engage with their services.

For any successful digital marketing plan, there are some helpful tips to consider.


1)     Think about the marketing funnel

The marketing funnel describes a customer’s journey because people usually go through a process before they actually purchase a product. This process involves awareness, interest, desire, and then action.

Naturally, vendors do not buy straight from you without engaging in your services or building a relationship with someone. Once you gain trust and likability, it becomes much easier. If an estate agency can add value and execute a continuous connection with potential buyers, the agency will be the first choice when someone comes to buying or selling a home.

A great digital marketing strategy will aim to cover:

·        How you can make your audience aware of your existence (through Google searches)

·        How to make it easy for people to trust and want to work with you

·        How to make it easy for them to take the action (buy or sell a property)


2)     Review your website

Optimising your website with an SEO audit is the first thing to consider. Google is the first point of call when looking for a business, so this will allow people to find you easily when they search.

Blog posts, registering for Google My Business, and using Google ads will also enable you to be found quickly in search engines. Thereafter, a fast and helpful website will keep users engaged. A good estate agency website should have the following:

·        Professional property photographs

·        Clear contact details, especially the location because this will improve your visibility in local search results

·        Separate pages for each branch so that you can tailor each webpage with specific information dependent on the location



3)     Use video marketing


Vendors may prefer to watch videos rather than reading text, so they are more likely to approach estate agencies who use it.

Although videos are highly effective in property marketing, most estate agencies are not incorporating it into their marketing efforts. This can help you stand out and separate you from other local agencies.

Smart viewings and 360 virtual tours are crucial in order to attract potential clients. Similarly, Q&A and agency introductions can help build new relationships.


4)     Start an email newsletter

Findings show that 91% of individuals check their emails every day. Email marketing is a great way of adding value to what you sell by providing clients with local news or upcoming events in the area. When integrating this into your real estate marketing plan, you should try to utilise a CRM which sends emails automatically so that it doesn’t become a long and manual process.


5)     Creating a lead magnet

A lead magnet typically involves offering someone valuable content in exchange for their contact details. First and foremost, you should find out what your target client needs through keyword research.

This is a great method for lead generation because both parties are getting something in return. With those contact details, you can include more people in your email communications (subject to GDPR rules).


6)     Pay attention to your online reputation

Estate agents should include a schedule to check for online reviews as part of their social media marketing plans. People are more likely to pay attention to a real person’s review. The aim should be to respond quickly, particularly to negative ones.


How can Bark Street Digital help with digital marketing for estate agents?

Digital marketing for estate agents is crucial to ensure your business is relevant to your local audience.

Bark Street Digital can help you reach your audience as we have a team of highly experienced digital marketing experts.

We understand that it may be hard to implement these strategies to help you improve visibility. We can assist you with your marketing efforts.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by calling 01204 263028 or by completing our Contact Us form. 

You can find out more about the services we offer at Bark Street Digital by checking out the Our Services page.

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