Cross Platform Social Media Marketing

How to Run A Successful Cross Platform Social Media Marketing Campaign

There are so many different Social Media platforms which can be used in your marketing campaign, but choosing which platforms you’re going to make use of can be a challenge in itself. Each Social Media platform is shaped to match users’ personal traits and behaviours. Not all Social Media platforms fit with all types of target audiences, but once you have chosen the right platforms that your audience use daily, then you will start seeing real results.


cross platform social media marketing campaign

There are many benefits to using a cross platform social media strategy, however, running the campaign across multiple platforms can be tricky. Below are some tips on how to make the most out of your cross platform social media marketing campaign.

Don’t Use the Same Posts Across all Platforms

Every Platform has a different layout and strategy for posting. Some platforms have different character limits, some platforms allow for links on posts and others don’t, image formatting can also differ from platform to platform. On some platforms, the use of images or videos will be more effective, whereas on other platforms, the text of the post may have more of an impact.

If you post the exact same thing across every platform, your viewers will notice quickly. This may make your campaign look unprofessional and may cause audience fatigue.

It is also important to make sure that your content marketing posts are engaging for your audience, and reposting the same posts across every Social Media channel will not keep your audience engaged. You need to find a way to post the same type of content, but in a different way that fits both the target audiences needs and the Social Media platform needs.


Track Your Cross-Platform Social Media Marketing Campaign

When making a cross platform campaign, you need to establish your goals. Increasing the number of leads, or brand awareness are key goals that businesses often aim for when setting up a multi – channel campaign. The analytics and metrics you measure will depend on the target you are trying to achieve.

Content marketing, such as blog posts and article posts, metrics differ according to the platforms you are using.

Many social media platforms have built in analytical tools. Likes and comments on specific posts can be used to track and measure the engagement across multiple platforms. Specific metrics, such as Retweets on Twitter and Swipe Ups for Instagram Stories, should be used and defined in your strategy.

Each Social Media platform is different in their own way, so they will be tracked using different metrics. It is important that you are consistent with checking your metrics throughout a cross platform Social Media campaign, as each platform will have different Social Media management tools for analysing numerical results.

Many digital marketing tools, such as SEMrush and Hootsuite have built in social media tracking tools which allow you to track metrics for all platforms in one place. The Google Analytics Acquisition Tool will allow you to view the amount of traffic coming to your website from each platform, allowing you to compare which platforms are most effective for your campaign.

By keeping track of each platform, you will be able to track which posts on which Social Media were successful and which weren’t. This will help you decide on the types of posts you should use in the future.

Often, a budget is set aside for the use of social media ads on a cross platform Social Media campaign, so analytics results will help you decide how to distribute the money between the Social Media platforms, based on the success of each post compared with the metric results.

Keeping track helps you understand your target audience. Using the data will determine who is viewing your posts and who is clicking to look further into your business, helping you save money in the business or distribute your budgeted money elsewhere. You can also use this information to improve your posts to target your specific target audience, which will guarantee more of a chance of the cross channel campaign being a success.


Promoting One Channel on Another Platform


If you use multiple social media platforms, take advantage of your different platforms to help promote each other. This will help you attract more followers to less popular networks you may be running as part of for your campaign.

There are many ways you can do this, such as:

  • Posting a short video of a video you may of made on Facebook, and tagging the link to your Youtube channel to see the full video.
  • Posting a contest on your Instagram story and directing people to the Facebook account to enter into it.
  • Putting all the Social Media channels usernames in the bio of each Social Media.



Creating a story throughout your multiple channels has a substantial benefit to a multi-channel campaign.

Storytelling can do a lot more than promote a business’ products and services, if used in the right way. This strategy will help you appear more innovative and creative with your approach to advertising your services and products to customers.

This will help you develop a relationship with your customers, and will help promote trust.

Storytelling will help people to remember your campaign more as it will be different to traditional campaigns. It will also help clarify and represent your brand to people, and help you stand out from your competition.


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