The Benefits of Video Content Marketing

There are many benefits of video content marketing. Video content marketing is undoubtedly one of the most useful additions to your promotion toolbox. It is a powerful marketing strategy that helps gain the audience’s attention and increase engagement. Potential customers are more likely to share video content over written content. This video sharing approach is the new word-of-mouth and helps spread brand awareness about your company. People are more likely to be interested in an ad if it is in video form.

Instead of having to concentrate on reading the information of a fifteen-minute blog post or article post about a company, a video can explain everything you need to know in a few minutes, making it easier to watch and listen to on the go.

the benefits of video content marketing

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Here are some benefits of video content marketing:

Videos Boost Conversion Rates


Videos should not only be seen as a marketing tool to attract potential customers but also an investment. Including a video in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%. Watching a compelling presenter in a video can influence target audiences behaviour and persuade them to convert from a viewer to a lead. 


As opposed to reading an emotionless text, a video will help engage visitors and help them feel connected to the business. This interest will increase the amount of leads coming to the business and will increase conversion rates.


Videos Complement Marketing Strategies


Video Marketing can help your business be more innovative with its marketing strategy. Videos come in many different forms. Explainer videos can help explain content you may have made as part of your marketing campaigns, such as blogs or articles about your products and service, in a more straightforward, more engaging way. Helpful how-to-do blogs can be turned into helpful how-to-do videos. This conversion to popular formats like video offer audiences another way of engaging and interacting with your business. This interaction will help click-through rates increase. It will also allow viewers to digest the information much faster.


Search Engines Love Video


Search Engines lookout for engaging content. Nothing entices viewers more than a video. This increase in online video content’s popularity over written content will bring your websites’ links and pages to the top of the ‘search engine results page’ (SERP).

Video distribution platforms like YouTube are the second largest search engines behind Google. If you put your video on YouTube and your website, your position on the results page will significantly increase. The higher your position on the results pages, and the more video content you post on your sites and platforms, the more your customers will gain trust in your brand.


Great for Email Marketing


Over the years, video email marketing has evolved. It is a useful strategy to increase the popularity of your sites and drive click-through rates.

Videos in an email create more of a personal connection between the business and its customers. Statistics show that people are more likely to become interested in a company if they see the word “Video” in the email’s subject line. This attachment will increase click-through and conversion rates and will reduce the number of people, unsubscribing and opting-out. 

Email marketing product videos are effective if you demonstrate how to use your product or service or express something. 


Videos Encourage Social Shares

Social media is one of the leading marketing platforms which businesses are using to gain customers. Social media has been dominated by video distribution over the years. Videos that have a purpose behind them, are humorous, or have a profound emotional message, are very popular on social media and go far with viewer popularity. People share videos with their friends in both private messages or groups. Sharing and creating videos on social media will give you the chance to show your customers what your company is about. 

It does not matter what type of video you share, varying from an ad to Facebook live video; there is a wide range of opportunities for you to choose from. Do not be put off by the fact that big brands usually use video content; everyone should be getting on board with video content marketing.



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