How to get a new website noticed


Having a well-designed website is important for all businesses, but it is even more important to get traffic coming to your website. Designing and launching your website is just the beginning; attracting visitors to your website is where is starts to become a bit more tricky.

If you are wondering how to get a new website noticed, read on to find some great methods for reaching your target audience online.

A website which produces great content and has the right marketing strategy can be the difference between failure and success. With so many competitors in all kinds of industries, you need to stand out from the crowd to drive traffic and increase sales.

How to get a new website noticed on search engines?

Search engine optimisation is one of the best and most underrated tactics for increasing your website’s visibility. This is because over 70% of the world’s online searches go through Google, so it is the method which your customers are most likely to use to find your website.

Although the web design can help create a professional-looking website, you could be missing out on thousands of monthly website visitors if you do not include search engine optimisation as part of your marketing plan.

There are many things to consider when you want to increase the visibility of your site on search engines.

how to get a new website noticed

 1)     Target keywords

Google tends to notice relevant website pages which are specific to what people search. You should aim to target keywords specific to your industry which are high in search volume but low in competition. Your website should target specific topics, so when you conduct keyword research, you should be able to incorporate those onto your page and meta tags.

Writing content which targets relevant keywords and utilising Google paid ads with high quality scores means that there is a greater possibility your website will show up on the first page of Google results’ page.

2)     Start a blog

Posting blogs on your website is another opportunity to rank higher on Google’s search results. Your blog posts should be well written and target relevant keywords within them.

Google will utilise many factors to determine on how relevant your website pages are when indexing them, such as how often the content of your website is updated, how many other sites link to yours, and how much traffic is going to your website.

Blogs also give you the opportunity to create unique content and obtain backlinks from other trusted sources. External websites who publish similar content can link back to your website because they value your content. Therefore, it is important to look for fresh, valuable, and interesting ways to approach common issues for your audience.

However, it is vital that you focus on the quality of your written content rather than the quantity. It won’t be useful to upload regular short blogs, instead you should focus on writing long useful articles that will benefit your customers.

3)     Add your website to online directories

Another way of increasing the value of your website is to get noticed on Google using other online channels to create profiles. Google My Business listing is a great way of helping your company get noticed when users perform a Google Maps search for nearby businesses.

If you are a business owner, you should submit your company to Google maps by creating a Google My Business account, find the location on Google Maps, and then claim and verify your business.

4)     Meta descriptions

Meta tags are the unseen part of your website and consists of the words which you can write into the HTML code of your website. Using specific keywords to indicate what your website is about helps Google recognise what you have to offer. It also lets your audience know what they will find when they click on those keywords.

Google Analytics can also tell you about the performance of your website such as how many visits and for how long visitors have stayed browsing (also known as dwell time).


Get your website noticed using social media

The most simple and cost-effective way to get your website noticed is by actively promoting it on social media accounts.

Every post does not have to be about promoting, the rest should include other content your audience might find interesting. It is vital to stay active and engaged with your posts in order to stand out from your competitors by:

·        Asking questions which start conversations

·        Answer your follower’s questions

·        Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups

·        Use popular hashtags

·        Direct people who have asked questions to your site for answers

At times, social media profiles and posts can show up on the first page of Google so being active is important.


How can Bark Street Digital help?

Optimising search engine results is a significant factor in getting your website noticed. If you are a business owner and you do not know where to start, contact our team today.

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