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Bark Street Digital are a highly professional digital SEO marketing business located close to Warrington. We are an SEO marketing agency that consistently achieves top ranking SERP’s for our clients. As we work remotely, we can assist businesses in Warrington, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and all over the UK. We work closely with both clients in the North West and beyond.

If you are searching for great SEO, Warrington look no further, our digital marketing and SEO specialists can help!

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SEO Warrington: Our Process

Our SEO agency can help increase traffic to your business’s SEO and boost brand awareness. To do this, we will set out a marketing plan for your business involving the following SEO strategies:

 Keyword Research- SEO Keywords are the important words and phrases used within your websites SEO content. Potential visitors to your website will search specific keywords and phrases into a search engine to find a particular service or product.

Competitor Research- Competitor keyword research uncovers the keywords which are driving traffic to your competitors’ website instead of yours. We use our specialist SEO software to uncover which keywords your audience is targeting and come up with a strategy to beat your competition. Targeting these keywords will increase your business’ brand awareness whilst attracting more potential customers and clients to your site.

Local SEO- Local SEO makes businesses more visible in local search results on Google and helps businesses get to the top of google search results pages. Bark Street Digital will be able to increase traffic coming to your website and social media by using specific local SEO keywords and content to target potential clients based in the area your business is based. 

Technical SEO-  Technical SEO is the SEO technique of optimising your website to make it easier to crawl your pages. We offer services to improve all aspects of your website, such as ranking performance, backlinks, internal links, link building, user experience, website speed, mobile optimisation, and content writing.

Content Topic Research – Our excellent research skills set us apart from other content marketers. We perform all research on the types of topics your target audience may be interested in reading about. Our research skills allow us to write about pretty much anything, although some input may be required from you in certain areas.

Content Writing – We combine our keyword research and content topic research results to provide original, interesting content in the form of articles, blog posts, and service pages on your website. As we are highly experienced in search engine optimisation, we know how to write great SEO friendly content.


Why Choose Bark Street Digital, SEO Warrington?

Bark Street Digital, SEO Warrington are a specialist SEO consulting agency. Our Warrington based clients have benefited from an increased online presence due to our SEO work on their websites.

Our content creation services have greatly improved the number of visitors to our client’s websites. This increase in traffic has led to increased conversion rates and provided long term results.

We offer fixed retainer packages to include SEO services, social media management, written content, website development, analytics, and paid search campaigns. We also offer web design packages with websites designed alongside our SEO experts to ensure they will rank highly within search engines. Our packages are bespoke and competitively priced to meet the unique needs of your business. Visit our work section to find some case studies on how other companies have benefitted from our services.

Contact our marketing team today for a free quote. Our Director, Stacey Owens, can be contacted via email at or via telephone on 01204 263028

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