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Bark Street Digital are currently working on a rebranding website and written content marketing project with Recovery First, a company who assist law firms in exiting specific markets and recover the Work in Progress value. We have worked alongside the Director of Recovery First on the successful rebrand to completely refresh and update the website which the company had in place.

Why Did Recovery First Require Our Assistance with The Rebranding Website Project?

Recovery First Director, David Johnstone, runs a very successful business; however, he realised that by developing the website and increasing the company’s brand awareness, he could reach and attract more of his target audience and generate more business. Recovery First had a website in place; however, the content and appearance were both in need of an update.

As a very busy Director, David simply did not have the time to invest in the rebranding website project, which is why he enlisted the assistance of Bark Street Digital to come up with a a rebrand strategy, as well as a high quality content marketing strategy to keep their current and potential new clients engaged and interested in the services provided by Recovery First.

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Which Services Did We Provide For Recovery First?

Although Recovery First initially required our assistance in rebranding the website and updating/creating content, we now provide a range of additional marketing services for Recovery First. Some of the services we have provided for the company, to date, include:

  • A complete website revamp – As the Directors of Recovery First were not completely satisfied with the existing law firm’s website, we agreed to a complete makeover within their marketing package. They felt that the website they had in place was a bit outdated, and that it required a more modern look to keep potential clients engaged in the services which they offer.

We worked closely with the Directors and provided a range of designs based on their ideas. When the Director chose the design which best suited their brand, we applied the design to all pages of the website and added graphics and images to complement the design.

  • Technical SEO Audits – There are many issues on a website which could drastically affect user engagement and ranking positions within search results, including website errors, slow loading pages and broken links.

The first thing we did when we started working on the Recovery First website was obtain an SSL certificate to ensure security for visitors on the website. We also completed a full technical SEO audit and fixed any issues on the website. As part of our marketing package, we complete regular technical SEO audits on the website to identify any issues ensure the website is performing well.

  • Keyword Research – As part of our Search Engine Optimization and written content marketing plan, we identified a list of the best keywords which Recovery First should target within their written content to help compete with other businesses in this industry. We then came up with a strategy on how to best target these specific keywords by adding new pages and writing blog posts.
  • SEO Content Marketing Update – Our project with Recovery First involves ongoing website content updates. Each piece of content has been optimised for search engines (SEO). Content is one of the most important elements on a website. Incorporating Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into all content on a website will help to ensure that your target audience finds your website when using a search engine.

Types of content can include written content as well as images and multimedia. We ensure that all images and videos on the website are optimised in a way which will ensure page loading speed is as quick as possible.

  • Provision of Regular Written Content – To assist in the improvement of user engagement and search engine ranking positions, we now provide regular, SEO friendly, written content creation in the form of blog post articles and service pages. We use specific keywords identified through keyword research and produce content with the intention of targeting specific keywords.
  • Social Media Management – As Recovery First already had a Linkedin account set up as part of their marketing efforts, we decided to further improve their scope for social media marketing by creating a Twitter and Facebook profile for the business. We now schedule regular posts on behalf of Recovery First across all platforms to keep followers updated on the latest news and to attract new visitors to the site. Regularly linking to the Recovery First website on social media has also assisted in the improvement of search engine rankings by driving more traffic to the website. 

What Has This Project Achieved?

Since the initiation of the rebranding website and written content marketing project, we have managed to create a more attractive and engaging website for Recovery First for them to showcase the professional services they provide. We have seen an increase in traffic to the website as the result of improved visibility on search engines and social media. Using social media, we have generated new followers to all pages by posting regular content and have kept the existing audience updated and engaged in the services which Recovery First has to offer.

Although the website’s visibility has increased, more time, hard work, and patience will be required to improve search engine rankings further and to target more keywords. Search Engine Optimisation is something which should be viewed as a medium to long-term strategy and generally speaking, results will begin to arise after 3 – 6 months. Even when we reach the top-ranking positions on search engines, we must ensure that the Recovery First website is kept updated to stay there.

We also aim to keep social media followers engaged by regularly posting great content from the website across all social media platforms. Increased brand awareness was the main aim of this project and we believe this is continually improving though our content marketing efforts and branding strategy.


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We are a team of experienced digital marketing and IT experts. Our current clients benefit from increased profitability and a huge return on investment because of their improved online visibility.

We understand that when it comes to marketing, one size does not fit all, which is why we offer bespoke packages to suit each business’ needs at competitive prices. Have a look at our services page to find out how we can assist.

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